Cargo Services to London, London Cargo Services from Dubai

Are you looking for the best deals at Shipwaves for the cargo services to London from UAE? Obviously, Shipwaves will provide the best cargo to London services with no hassles. Our tracking feature will really encourage each and every individual customer. Customers often expect goods to be delivered as quickly as possible in today's fast-paced environment, which is why air cargo services are becoming increasingly critical for time-sensitive, immediate shipments. For your London cargo services, our company's air freight is also the quickest, safest, and most direct mode of transport.

Shipping to London with easy tracking support

We provide a complete range of air freight logistic services at our business. We have a solution for you, from tiny urgent cargo couriers to complete air charter services and even extra-large air freight project goods. We can provide a door-to-door service anywhere in the world, even if you have just arrived at the nearest airport, thanks to our extensive network and global freight forwarding partners. We may also assist with clearing customs and distribution for air cargo shipping to London using our air freight import service.

At our business, we use air cargo logistics to reach remote areas where communication channels are inadequate to support sea and road services. We often provide humanitarian assistance to isolated and landlocked regions of Africa in cooperation with our clients.

Cargo to London with best support

We at Shipwaves provides the best air cargo services to London and also Sea cargo services. Besides, each process and the paperwork will be done by Shipwaves professionals. Our air and sea cargo to London have the following benefits.

  • Consolidated cargo
  • Charter flights are available.
  • Airfreight project cargo
  • Insurance for air freight
  • Tracking of AWBs (Airway Bills)
  • Software and documents for air freight
  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Services such as warehousing and packing/unpacking
  • Management and consulting in logistics
  • Customs clearance and industrial documentation
  • Services for Letters of Credit
  • Hazardous cargo

When a regular individual or a commercial enterprise is shipping to London from another country, customs duty and taxes are due. The CIF value, which is the amount of the price of foreign goods plus the expense of shipping and insurance, is used to determine the import duty and taxes due.

Duty Rates

Import duty thresholds in London cargo services usually vary from 0% (for example, books) to 17% (Wellington Boots). Laptops, mobile phones, camcorders, and gaming consoles, for example, are duty-free. Certain products, however, may be subject to higher duties based on the location of manufacture; for instance, bicycles manufactured in China are subject to a 48.5% additional (anti-dumping) duty.

VAT Rates

The regular VAT rate for shipping items to London from our country is 20%, with some products, such as children's strollers, attracting a lower price of 5%, and certain goods, such as books, kids’ clothes, and children's shoes, being exempt from VAT entirely. VAT is calculated on the value of the goods, plus international delivery charges and insurance, plus any import duty due.

Ocean Freight

Our FCL and less than container load (LCL) ocean delivery companies are reliably reliable and competitive. Over the course of our 30 years in freight forwarding, we've built close relationships with all of the major shipping lines, allowing us to pass on the best prices as well as priority vessel tools and facilities.

Our global logistics management team will plan the most efficient routes to bring your goods to London in the shortest amount of time. We will help you choose the best mode of transportation, prepare your stowage, and handle your export paperwork, customs formalities, and export packing needs.

Our ocean cargo services to London have the following benefits

  • Containers that are full (FCL)
  • Consolidation and less than container loads (LCL)
  • Refrigerated containers and reefer containers
  • Non-containerized / out-of-gauge freight
  • Ro-Ro (Roll on, Roll off)
  • Cargo pickup and distribution
  • Services such as warehousing and packing/unpacking
  • Weighing services for containers provided by VGM
  • Management and consulting in logistics
  • Sea cargo insurance
  • Customs clearance and industrial documentation
  • Letter of Credit services

For customer assistance, Our team will always available at +971 4 299 6676. Get hassle-free cargo services to London with easy paperwork and real-time tracking solution.

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