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We are here if you are searching for the most cost-effective cargo service to New Zealand. We offer the most affordable method of cargo shipping. People need a safe and reliable delivery service for shipping to New Zealand, so we provide free pick-up and packing and appropriate paperwork and secure shipping. We offer an online parcel monitoring system after shipping your package.

Sea Freight or Air Freight?- Shipping to New Zealand

Shipping to New Zealand is simple; all you must do now is decide how you'll do it. Air freight and sea freight are the two primary alternatives. If you need to travel fast, air freight is the way to go. In only two or three days, a cargo plane will transport your belongings from anywhere in the world to New Zealand. It is, however, expensive, so you are paying a reasonable price for the quick service. Air freight is best overlooked unless you need to travel abroad urgently.

On the other hand, sea freight is considerably less costly than air freight, usually costing five times. This is particularly useful for people who are migrating on a tight budget. Since a container ship moves much slower than a freight plane and can take several weeks, make sure to prepare ahead of time.

Easy Cargo to New Zealand from Dubai, UAE

We will deliver your goods in either a 20ft container or a 40ft container if you prefer sea freight. You do not have to load the whole container; if you're carrying around 15 cubic metres of freight, you'll be sharing a container with other people. This is referred to as LCL (Less Than Container Load). Most of our cargo service to New Zealand partners will deliver your items door-to-door, meaning they'll handle everything from your old front door to your new one.

Major Shipping Ports

The Port of Tauranga, located in the north of the North Island, is New Zealand's largest container terminal. If you're relocating to Auckland or Wellington, your cargo will be transferred to the Port of Tauranga and then transported to your new location by truck or train. Meanwhile, the Port of Lyttelton is the largest container terminal on the South Island, which is convenient if you're going to Christchurch.

What Does Cargo Service to New Zealand Cost?

We will estimate what our cargo service to New Zealand costs by considering the following factors -

  • The nature of your cargo
  • Do you want your cargo delivered by water or by air?
  • Your shipment's dimensions, weight, and volume
  • How far do your goods have to travel to reach their destination?
  • What type of delivery is necessary, port to port or door to door?

The cost of your products is directly proportional to their weight. Air freight is costly for heavy shipments (those weighing more than 100 kg), so you'll probably find that ocean freight is the most cost-effective choice. Shipping prices for goods weighing 35 kg to 100 kg are unlikely to vary substantially depending on whether you prefer air or ocean freight.

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