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You will not have to worry about meeting the various customs specifications outlined in this section if you entrust your cargoes to the team at our company or find a good service provider for shipping to Malaysia. This is because the shipping fees provide the services of customs and immigration specialists who deal with Malaysian customs regularly and are well-versed in the import process.

As a result, the information provided here is solely for your interest and knowledge. Of course, if you intend to handle customs clearance personally, you will need to go beyond this page in your study. To clear your deliveries, you will need to be an expert on cargo services to Malaysia and the related requirements. Either that, or you will have to hire someone with the requisite training and expertise in shipping.

Cargo to Malaysia with Major Shipping Routes

Malaysia is a significant player in the global shipping sector, so it has many large ports. Its largest shipping port is Port Klang, which is advantageous if you are going to Kuala Lumpur. Johor and Tanjung Pelepas are two important ports (both on the south coast next to Singapore). After passing through customs, we will transport your container to your new Malaysian house by truck or train.

Documents Required by Malaysian Customs

As previously stated, you or your designated agent must file a Customs Form No. 1 import declaration. The following documents must also be available for application with the statement:

  • A copy of your shipment's bill of lading.
  • The invoice for commercial services.
  • Papers from the bank.
  • A packing list.
  • Origin certificates for the products you are shipping.
  • Copies of any import licences that may be needed.

Malaysian Customs will evaluate the customs duties you must pay once they have the above documents, as well as your proclamation and the physical items. Unless you pay the total amount of calculated taxes, the Customs Department will not allow your products to be released under their jurisdiction.

Prohibitions and Restrictions

In terms of what can be imported, the Malaysian government has a relatively liberal approach. It can, however, impose temporary import restrictions on some goods if it believes that domestic demand is adequate to keep the country supplied. This strategy is primarily applied to dairy and poultry products, as well as sugar.

If you want to export these products, you should first check with our cargo services to Malaysia to see any restrictions. If you plan to ship these things to Malaysia, you will also need an appropriate import licence:

  • Foodstuffs and farm products
  • Iron products
  • Strong machinery and automobiles
  • Chemicals
  • Animal Meat

If your company is in Malaysia or elsewhere, if you need air cargo or sea freight, whether you are shipping from port to port or house to house, and whether your shipments are big or small, our shipping company is here to help.

Our logistics specialists have as much experience dealing with shipping companies and port authorities as any logistics company for shipping to Malaysia


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